After the enormous success of her Christmas music video in 2021, Nubia Rose is back with a new book that will no doubt brighten your holiday season! There is something timelessly magical about how a Christmas tree, some stringed lights, and dozens of colorful boxes topped with pretty bows can put smiles on people’s faces, but as Rose continues to remind us, the Christmas spirit depends on much more. I Want Nothing for Christmas highlights the importance of being with family, friends, and loved ones who care about you and who make such irreplaceable memories beside you year after year. Ultimately, no commercial or material items on your lists could come close to delivering the peace and joy that naturally exists when you have what truly matters.

The book’s illustrations epitomize this message with ease. With a smile that lights up a room and a visceral embrace of Christmastime, a cartoon version of Rose with the same contagious characteristics helps spread holiday cheer while affirming that if we have our families, we have everything. No matter who or where you are, I Want Nothing for Christmas conveys a wholesome lesson to be embraced universally by all ages. Hold those nearest and dearest to you close as long as you can, and maybe find some time as the month of December approaches to get cozy by the fireplace with cups of hot cocoa and fresh-baked cookies in hand to enjoy I Want Nothing for Christmas as it is intended to be done.

By Andy Gesner

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