A very cheerful and happy holiday song with lyrics in Portuguese.

November 2023 – Nubia Rose is spreading holiday cheer with the release of her latest single, “Papai Noel.” This charming Portuguese Christmas song takes listeners on a whimsical journey into the heart of the season, celebrating the spirit of Santa Claus and his companion reindeers.

“Papai Noel” delivers a very powerful message: the importance of goodness to merit the gifts given to us by Santa Claus (Known as Papai Noel in Portuguese). Nubia Rose’s soulful voice weaves a narrative that captures the magic of the holidays, reminding us all of the simple yet profound joy found in kindness. The singer has been captivating audiences with her music, but she is also a published author and magazine publisher. With this new release, she created the perfect combination of musical ability and storytelling, celebrating Christmas with a fantastic song that anyone could relate to. 

As Nubia puts it, “We all need to be good to deserve Papai Noel’s presents.” This song is more than a melody; it’s a reminder that the spirit of giving and goodwill transcends language and borders.

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